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A double stroller for a very tall 7mo and special needs 3 years old

C Hopkins • 30 Apr 2022

I have a special needs 3 year old and a 7 month old, both are very tall. My three year old is 40 pounds and about the height of an average 5-6 year old. I need a double stroller to get us through the next 2-3 years while my youngest still needs a stroller.

I have searched, but I’m struggling to find a double stroller with at least one really high seat back, not seat to the canopy. I need the stroller seats to recline. We currently have a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double and it is to small. Money isn’t the concern, but shipping or purchase in the United States is necessary.

I thank you for your time!

Eli • 01 May 2022

Hi there!

I am so sorry to hear you struggle with this, but a double stroller is always narrower and smaller overall - otherwise, they'd be huge, like impossible to load in a car even when folded. That is why a double is smaller on the seating area overall, and pretty much impossible to accommodate for a 7-month-old and 5-6 years old (size-wise) (and even last a few years). The thing is, weight-wise, that would also strain the stroller's chassis brutally, resulting in a lopsided frame after a few months of regular use.

My advice here is if the BJ City Mini GT2 is too small (and it is one of the largest seats in the double strollers' world), perhaps try to check the Valco Duo Trend, which, I'm afraid, won't be much larger, or if your special needs older child could sit on a bench (without a seat back), check a stroller like the Baby Jogger City Select Lux with the bench accessory (I believe it won't do, but I had to mention this possibility anyway)... And after that buy 2 separate single strollers and use them either separately, or get stroller connectors and connect them (with connectors, you'll need the same strollers, e.g. these connectors from Amazon). A really spacious single pushchairs include the Baby Jogger City Elite 2, the Britax B-Motion 4 Plus, the Valco Snap Trend, or perhaps the Thule Urban Glide or Uppababy Ridge.

P.S. With my older and younger, I often used just one single stroller (for the elder) and an ergonomic carrier or a wrap for the younger. For some cases, it might help quite a lot, having less in your hands to push.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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