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A double pram for a newborn and a two-year-old that is easy to maneuver on and off buses

Samara101 • 16 May 2022


I’m looking for double pram for my newborn and my daughter who will be nearly two. I want a double pram that’s easy to get on and off buses and we walk a lot as I don’t have transport,

Many thanks.

Eli • 16 May 2022

Hello, Samara,

I need to warn you that with two children, as they grow up, there is no way of totally easy getting inn and out the public transport as the sheer weight of them will make it hard-ish. But if the manipulation is your priority, I would actually suggest a side-by-side stroller rater than a tandem which is a pain on curbs and while lifling.

If the older one is almost two, I would actually go with a non-reversible Baby Jogger City Mini Double2 or a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double, as the maneuvering there is very very nice. Also, the Valco Snap Duo is rather easy to handle and even fitting a bus, for example, is not that hard (and this one is more affordable). And the Mountain Buggy Duet is probably the slimmest double pushchair there is, while the maneuverability is excellent, so for sure a nice choice.

A soft insert carrycot, a car seat/travel system, or even a full-featured bassinet should work with all of these for your newborn.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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