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A decent side-by-side double stroller that is not huge and can comfortably take on a buggy board

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Megan • 04 Oct 2022


I am looking for a decent side-by-side twin pushchair that will work for my newborn twins, and works really well with a buggy board for a 2-year-old (i.e. he is in front of the pushchair handle and can stand comfortably). Please help! The Mountain Buggy Duet looks great for the twins but the free rider board looks rubbish, and I’d have to walk to the side. The Bugaboo Donkey looks good for the buggy board but the fold is so huge to fit in the car! Help!!

Thanks, Megan

Eli • 04 Oct 2022

Hi, Megan,

It will always be a compromise, choosing a stroller, and a double stroller with a buggyboard option even more so. I personally would actually think about the MB Duet as it is a very very decent one. The sibling board is almost always a pain, space-wise, and your little one will most probably not want it in a few months, so I would not really compromise on the stroller based on the board - and you, btw, CAN pick a different, universal board such as Lascal or Bumprider, and attach it there.

Also think about the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double which is a sturdy, spacious pram, and the TFK Duo is a fantastic, though expensive and not exactly small one. From the lighter one, except for the BJ, I would think about the Valco Snap Duo.

Again, don't limit yourself by the "original" dedicated sibling skate and check universal ones, too)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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