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A coutryside stroller system that is lightweght - Joie Chrome DLX versus Joie Versatrax? Which to choose?

Vered • 15 Jul 2021

Hey there!

I'm pregnant with my first child, so no stroller experience yet. I'm contemplating the Joie Versatrax and the Chrome DLX and it's really hard to decide!

Since I live in the countryside my needs are a sturdy all-terrain stroller, with big wheels, that is also light.

My main concern is that the Chrome DLX only goes up to carrying 17.5 Kilos vs 22 on the Versatrax, even though it seems like the seat on the chrome is more spacious. I intend to keep it for the next child as well so I want to purchase an item that is long-lasting as possible...

What I do like in the Chrome is that I can machine wash the fabrics (which I assume is crucial with kids?)

Plus, in my country, the Chrome is a bit more budget-friendly... I don't see any real advantage to the Versatrax other than the cup holder? But it is so praised that it makes me wonder.

Help :)
thank you

Eli • 15 Jul 2021

Hello, Vered,

Let me please start with a bit of a general talk, and that is - you want a lightweight pram which is also all-terrain, spacious for a large child (I assume this based on your mentioning and comparing the maximum weight capacities), and you want it to last even for a second child - all that while being affordable. I will have to disappoint you a bit - these are almost uncombinable features for a stroller to have. The more lightweight it will be, the more "rattly", shaky, or loosening over time the stroller frame will be. A reversible stroller also means a smaller, narrower, short seat space, so even if having a high weight capacity, it will never actually have enough space for a 22kg child.

That is why most parents end up owning two strollers - a full-featured pram and a lightweight pushchair or a buggy. The needs - for space as well as for something less bulky and heavy - change over time, as the child grows.

Now, moving on to the strollers you picked 😊 The Joie Chrome DLX has quite a short seat surface measurement. Long-lasting-related, this will last you about a year and a half, maximum of two years, to be honest. Also, the front wheels of the Chrome are rated as quite rattly and not really all-terrain, you need to be taking that into account as well. The carrycot of the Chrome is also quite short, so it will last maybe My own advice is to get the Joie Chrome more as a 'starter' pram and mostly for the city - while knowing you will swap it for something world-facing, roomier, later-on.

The Joie Versatrax (or the newer Joie Finiti, which is its newer evolution, but with very similar functionality), is more spacious and a newer, better thought-of model, but still, of course, with negatives (like a shorter hood or an open seat unit). Even if more roomy (but yeah, the bassinet is actually quite spacious), don't expect the seat to be fit for a 20+ kg child, and also, as a budget-friendly model, it is not the most sturdy or all-terrain. It is durable - OK for the price, just, never count on a cheaper pram to last more kids and endure harsh terrain conditions with no damage done to the frame. Oh and, the Versatrax is certainly much more compact, which is GOOD, compared to the Chrome DLX.

To conclude your options, I would absolutely pick the Joie Versatrax over the Joie Chrome, but still wouldn't expect miracles from it. For an all-terrain, lightweight, spacious stroller, you need QUALITY, and quality is always reflected in the price of the stroller. The Versatrax is a good stroller, really, for its price actually offering a great performance. Just always think of it as of a budget option. You wouldn't choose a cheaper smaller car and expect for it to go over fields and terrain, and last 20 years, would you..? 😊

Another thing to suggest... Either get a bulkier cheaper model FOR THE START (check, for example, a Kinderkraft XMOOV for reference), and then get a better quality mid-size pushchair (like a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2), it can even be a second-hand buy (it's ecological as well as economical). Also, the first stroller system can also be bought pre-loved - an Uppababy Vista or a Britax Go Big2, or maybe something in the likes of Bumbleride Era or a TFK brand could work for you... Again, these are for inspiration so you know how a good, more-kids lasting pram looks like.

I hope I helped you a bit with at least how to look at choosing the right stroller and that one stroller will never have it all - it's all about stroller priorities. Check also our stroller guides to learn more about how-tos, dos and don'ts, and anything else that could help you orientate in the stroller choosing.

P.S. Also, check our stroller cleaning and maintenance guide to know that washing actually can hurt your stroller, and it's always preferable (even if maybe not the most comfortable) to wash it by hand.

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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