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A convertible "pramette" style stroller that can go from bassinet to seat on the go (for a 3mo & a 2.5yo)

Lia • 21 Jun 2023

We are looking for a stroller which can be used for our 3-month-old (a form of bassinet) but can transition into a pushchair stroller for our toddler (2.5 years and tall - the 40cm seat height is definitely too small) on the fly when he needs to take a nap and we put the little one in the carrier. Our terrain is city, cobblestone and Home roots and if we can put it on the sidewalk of the beach it would be amazing). I am looking at the Kinderkraft B-Tour but that's my best bet until now, and was wondering if there is a bigger back rest in one.

Thank you!!

Eli • 21 Jun 2023

Hey, Lia,

Well, these 2-in-1 convertible carrycot-to-seat strollers are usually not that spacious. I'm afraid your 2 years old will be absolutely cramped in that B Tour - but if it's an emergency solution only, you both could survive it. There aren't strollers that would be much more spacious, though - in that type, I mean, so I guess it's ok. Maybe check the Valco Ultra Trend which is a pushchair, mainly, but with the bootinet apron, the seat can be used as a fort of a bassinet of sorts.

I would, on the other hand, also suggest a pushchair only - something that has only a seat, and added a nest, reduction insert, or a soft cot onto the seat for the newborn while just taking it out and having a roomier seat for the 2.5yo if needed would be enough. Something like a Baby Monsters Alaska plus a universal soft cot or nest could work, I believe.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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