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A compact, under 20 lbs/9 kg stroller with a bassinet option for a newborn

Knitsafghans • 14 Jun 2022

We have a newborn granddaughter. We are looking for a light (less than 20 lbs) stroller which can take a bassinet. Should be good quality and sturdy. Car seat compatibility is not an issue. Suburban walking. Mostly sidewalks and streets. Must fit in car trunk. The Minu 2 from Uppababy would be ideal if the adapter for the bassinet existed. Ideas welcome.

Eli • 14 Jun 2022

Hi there,

If you like the Uppababy Minu V2 but only miss the bassinet adapter, I would definitely suggest either the Joolz Aer. A similar quality, spacious seat and a bassinet option is there. Your next option might also be the Ergobaby Metro which also offers a bassinet and a very padded lie-flat seat great also for small babies.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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