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A compact travel system compatible with the Cybex Cloud Z car seat

Vaishali • 13 Sep 2022

Hi Eli,

I am currently looking at lightweight travel systems. I am based in an urban area and am quite petite at 5ft so want something easy to carry with an easy fold. My smallest car is an mercedes A class so I would want something that fits in the boot too.

Which travel system would you recommend? I would want it to be compatible with the Cybex Clous Z Car Seat.

So far I have seen Cybex Mios 3 and the Mama and Papa's Strada. I like both but not sure if there are any others. If there is one you would recommend over the other please let me know. Could you also tell me if there are any others that you would recommend. Also I am hearing alot of noise about the Babyzen Yoyo2 but not sure about it.

Any help you can provide would be really useful.

Thank you


Eli • 13 Sep 2022

Hiya, Vaishali,

I will start with the Yoyo and tell you immediately that that is NOT the way. That is one super small, OCCASIONAL USE stroller made for traveling and shopping - not, by far, an everyday stroller. It is so, so slanted... I recently saw it with a little baby that was not sitting by itself yet, his head dangling forward, making it hard to breathe... I cannot understand people using this as an everyday stroller with small babies, it is a health hazard almost, and the super slanted position is so uncomfortable. Not even talking about those small, rattly wheels. So that is a NO here from my point of view.

The Cybex Mios3, on the other hand, would most probably be my first choice. A true travel system with soft cot, regular carrycot, car seat compatibility and a lie-flat reversible seat that is also small and sturdy in the frame area, actually you won't find many better ones in that size category. So that would be one that I would actually recommend to you.

The Strada is not bas, also small and nice, though push- and chassis-wise, I would prefer the Mios here. You can also check the Thule Shine, which is also a nice model, and the [[quinny-zapp-flex|Quinny Zapp Flex with the seat and the soft cot is also a nice urban model that is quite compact.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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