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A compact travel stroller for a 2-3yo toddler and tall parents... which "has everything"?

Marie • 11 Mar 2022

Which travel compact stroller would you recommend for a 2y-3y old? It shall handle larger child weight (20 kg), lie flat, have as much upright seat as possible, have a bumper bar, and have quite a high handlebar as we are tall parents. Large canopy to cover from the sun while napping. We plan to use it only for travel (so it shall collapse to a small size, ideally flight size stroller and have low weight) and indoor stays (ie shopping malls etc), no rough terrain expected.

Thank you, Marie

Eli • 11 Mar 2022

Hi, Marie,

It is always a problem to find/comfortably use a cabin-sized buggy that would be good for a 2-3+ years old tollder. I mean, the strollers are super small, which means a narrow seat, a shorter backrest, a small basket, a small canopy. My best picks for older children in this travel category are the Joolz Aer which has a tall backrest, which is RARE, but the canopy is not huge AND there is no lie flat. My own experience with my three boys says that a 2-3 years old child doesn't need a lie-flat when napping, but this is, of course, highly subjective. An Uppababy Minu is similarly good and doesn't recline fully, but it is a tiny bit larger than the Aer, not always complying with the cabin luggage dimensions when folded.

From some other models, check the Ergobaby Metro+ which is nice and comfy, padded and lies flat for sleeping, and the canopy, even if a bit funky, is larger.

The only travel stroller with a huge hood I encountered is the Maclaren Atom (full Maclaren Atom review here), the only kind of upright the Mamas&Papas Airo (or the [[article:yuniseku|Chicco Goody, full review here) - but all of these have an averagely short-ish backrest, workable with a toddler, but not a comfy high seatback nonetheless.

And, about the tall handle, well, just look at those over 103 cm from the floor (found in out specifications on each stroller page). You won't find a "tall" travel buggy, I am sorry, as they are made to be small - but there exist these handle extensions on Amazon and similar, but that would be another thing to buy and take with you on your travels, which I wouldn't probably do myself...

I wish you all the best! I hope you'll be able to choose from all I picked in here, it will still be a lot of compromising, I know...

Your -very berry- Eli.

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