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A compact stroller with a tall seat back and a high weight capacity. Is the Easywalker Miley2 available in the UK?

Charlie • 28 Apr 2022


Looking for a compact stroller with a tall seatback and a high weight capacity with a bumper bar and I've just noticed the new Easywalker Miley2 seems to fit my requirements but I can't find it on their website. Is it available in the UK? Also, do you know how upright the seat is?

You previously suggested the Joolz Aer and the [[bugaboo-butterfly|Bugaboo Butterflx] to me but my budget doesn't stretch that far unfortunately.

Eli • 28 Apr 2022

Hi, Charlie,

The EW Miley 2 stroller was just launched so the availability in the UK will probably be a question of time – if they even will sell it there, of course (I think they might, but I cannot talk for them). However, even if slightly more upright than the previous version, the seatback will still be rather slanted.

My advice, if your budget is tight and the requirements quite huge, actually (a small stroller with a tall backrest and kind of upright is a hard thing to come by), I suggest classifieds/a pre-owned stroller, or going for a but larger one as these small ultracompacts might just nit meet your criteria.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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