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A compact stroller with a reversible seat, an adjustable handle and a large basket under £600

Jamie • 13 Aug 2022

Hi Eli,

We are looking for some advice on a new stroller for our 9 month old daughter and are struggling to narrow it down to a couple of options.

We currently have the Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 and we need a replacement as the frame has bent.

The main features we are looking for are:

•A fairly compact fold that will fit into the passenger seat foot well (the dog takes up most of the boot!)

•A reversible parent-facing seat

•A long sun canopy

•An adjustable handlebar for differing parent height

•A large shopping basket

•An adjustable seat position, which a nosy baby can sit right up and look around!

Our budget is up to a maximum of £600.

However money is tight, and we would be willing to sacrifice a couple of these features if not all are available in our price range.

So far your website has been the best we have come across for comparison and has helped us massively.

Any extra advice from yourself would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Jamie Morrell

Eli • 13 Aug 2022

Hi Jamie,

It is definitely rather hard to get a reversible, large-basketed, compact enough for the in-front-of-the-seat space stroller. The first that came to mind was the Cybex Mios, though it doesn't have a too large of a basket, but most it does have. The large hood I would compromise on, as with a universal sun visor, you can do wonders, especially on a reversible seat. I know it is not the cheapest option, but even a pre-owned one will do you good service as the frame is really well made, and also offers an adjustable handlebar

Another small option that comes to mind is the rather new Recaro Lexa Elite, which is reversible but quite small. The Quinny Zapp Flex Plus has a lot of good things AND is rather compact, though the handle doesn't adjust. It is high enough for most people to be OK with height, though.

I hope I have sent you in the right direction, if not, try and write to me again - with a reason why! I will try to adjust my thinking.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.