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A compact stroller under £300 for a tall, lean toddler and the city of London

Jess • 18 Feb 2022


I am looking for a compact travel stroller in the region of £200-300. I have a 21-month-old (long and lean body shape) and we are venturing into London for the first time so need something train and city-friendly. I’ve read all the reviews but I still feel lost!

We currently have a Vista which we love but is too bulky/heavy for the trip. Also, we have number 2 on the way so would love something that is sturdy to be used for years. Thank you so much!!

Eli • 19 Feb 2022

Heya, Jess,

You kind of slipped into wanting 2 things at once. It is VERY different to search for something light for a TALL TODDLER and a city (London) use, and a very different thing to search for a comfort stroller from birth that should be used for years. Please, read first about stroller priorities and their importance HERE and then, also, think about reversible seats and their ups and downs HERE before wanting one d-it-all pram that will ALWAYS be a compromise - instead of two prams that will fit different needs.

For your toddler, I would think in the likes of Uppababy Minu as you are already happy with your full-size Uppababy. It is a small but sturdy buggy that should fit your toddler well, size-wise, The Joolz Aer or an Ergobaby Metro should work, too, even though they are somewhat more expensive - so I will also recommend looking at pre-owned ones as __a second hand quality stroller is worth it MUCH MORE than a cheap compromise that will rattle and squeak in a few weeks, disappointing you with low quality]]. If truly a cheaper model, I would maybe look at this in-depth review of the Chicco Goody (Plus) or these top 2021's ultra-compacts.

Still, I would rather get a lightweight mid-size in your situation (an ultracompact is only for occasional use, after all - more HERE). Something like a Valco Snap 4 or an Oyster Zero would be much more comfortable to push and also to sit in for your child.

Lastyl, about the stroller for a newborn/a reversible one... if you need a small from-birth pram, I suggest the Cybex Mios - yes, pre-loved will be the only way to get into that budget. It is sturdy even if small size (which is rare), with a reasonably good suspension and a quality frame. Totally worth thinking about.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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