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A compact stroller that has it all

Ursula • 05 Jun 2023

Thank you Eli for this!

I am literally 'agonising' over which compact stroller to buy to take on our holiday next week AND use as an everyday stroller for home life... as I thought I would go for a Bugaboo Butterfly... then have read enough reviews (incl. those by parents on here) to get panicked that it will not be good on any terrain apart from very flat surfaces! It ticks most other boxes that I had required tbh, and I even preferred it (and thought my 1.5 year-old son seemed to as well), for comfort, to the Joolz Aer that we tried in our (UK) Mamas and Papas store this weekeend - for height in the seat and the leg rest (which is strangely immovable on the Aer, as you may probably know).

Currently, we have an Uppababy Cruz buggy for our son that was bought v cheaply & has proved to be pretty hardy, considering, but is second-hand and so old (2015 model) that is has NO suspension (which I have always really wished it did!) - and is also somewhat heavy.

So the things I want in a stroller are:
- suspension and an ability to cope well with most terrains - to give my son a smooth, non-rattly and basically all-round smooth, comfortable ride
- a good long, comfortable, safe seat (preferably with bumper bar option) that my son will be comfy in and have lots of growing room in too
- decent and accessible shopping basket capability
- good sun cover
- a leg rest that is comfortable and can be moved to any position required
- a recline function (for napping) that is safe, secure, solid and easy to use
- a stroller that can take me attaching my rucksack to its handlebars - and not topple over; also that has an easy access (and firm) brake
- a stroller that folds down small and ideally can be taken on board a plane
- ideally, a stroller that includes accessories like a travel bag and buggy board (and whatever else they usually come with - we do have a cup holder and rain cover etc already)

So basically, I want it all!!! And no stroller on the market (as far as I can see anyway!) seems to offer this?
Is that the case as far as you are aware?

Let me know if you think there exists a stroller that will tick all these boxes...and still be affordable! ;-)

Many thanks for reading this and for your help!

Eli • 05 Jun 2023

Hey, Ursula,

I'm afraid you're right as such a stroller doesn't exist. You pretty much want 2 strollers - one cabin-sized, travel-option that will simply be compact. When so small, the wheels are small, the seat are small, the frame is small = not that sturdy, and such a stroller size is really not good for terrain, nor roomy, nor that stable ,and won't ave that much suspension. Also, officially, you shouldn't hang any bagsa on such a buggy, and even if some allow for a buggy board, the frame itself will get loose quickly when used like that.

For that travel option, the Butterfly or the Aer(+) will be nice, but again, you have to count on them being travel strollers, occasional-use models, not much suspension and no real terrain use ones.

The Uppababy Minu (V2) could also work, but is a bit larger and also doesn't offer much suspension, but it is sturdy for sure.

And for the rest - a stable chassis, a full recline, an all-round use... something a bit larger, mid-size forward-facing would be the best. My suggestion would be the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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