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A compact stroller from birth compatible with a small Kia Picanto car boot

Lthomp89 • 26 Mar 2023

Hi Eli,

I’m hoping you can help advise on a product that might fit my needs please, I’m feeling very lost!

I am pregnant with my first baby, have a very small car boot (Kia Picanto), live in a city but do occasionally go to tougher terrain areas (e.g. grass parks). I am looking for a stroller suitable for every day use that folds compact, is suitable for use from newborn (ideally with a carrycot option), is fairly light and suitable for mainly city living but can handle slightly rougher terrain if needed. I intend to buy the Cybex Cloud Z2 car seat so would like something that is compatible with this.

I have considered the following and know all of these options fit in my car:Babyzen yo-yo - have ruled out as didn’t feel sturdyCybex Eezy z Twist 2+ - also ruled out as while I liked the fact it could be parent and world facing, I felt the seat was small and might not support a large toddler wellJoolz Aer+ - this is currently my front runner but I’m worried the wheels might not be sufficientDidofy Aster 2 - a friend recommended this, I haven’t had a chance to look into it too much- main query is if the quality is suitable for everyday use

I would really appreciate any advice on which product might be most suitable for my needs, please? There may be other products that I’m not aware of/haven’t considered - I would be open to other suggestions.

Thanks so much,

Eli • 27 Mar 2023

Hey, Lisa,

I don't think any of the stroller you mentioned fit your worse terrain requirement. It is logical - they are very very compact, meaning the whole frame is thinner, smaller, and the wheels are smaller as well. And the smaller the wheels are (plus the frame is less robust = less sturdy and with less suspension, the less terrain-capable the stroller is. Most of your choices are ultra-compacts, and they are, actually, NOT suitable for everyday use, being rattly, narrow in the seat area, shorter surface, small wheels. I personally would not get one of these from birth, and if so, the Eezy S-Twist+ maybe, just maybeee because of the lie-flat seat and a carrycot/car seta option.

Not an all-terrain stroller, but definitely sturdier than your options would be the Cybex Mios 3. I had the first Mios for city living and used it on grass quite often, and it did the job. Smalller wheels again, however better suspension and a nice center of gravity. So I will suggest that one.

Another suggestion would be a more mid-sized, flat-folding stroller, like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2. Larger, but flat enough for smaller boots, and carrycot/car seat compatible.

Again, I get where you're coming from, but the ultra-compact travel strollers will shake your baby a LOT when on bumpy surfaces, They will also last much less long.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.