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A compact stroller for the city - Thule Spring, Easywalker Jackey, leclerc Magicfold?

Emre • 22 May 2022

Hi Eli,

I really appreciate your work since there are few honest/non-biased stroller related review sites. We are trying to decide which stroller to get for our new born and as you know the stroller world is very confusing. We find ourselves thinking if we are missing a crucial point :)

We’d like to invest for one time and use the stroller for the whole period that our baby needs it. We live in a crowded city with narrow side walks and bad pavements. We mostly go out walking instead of travelling by car. After spending hours of reading reviews, your articles and user comments, we’ve decided that mid-sized, robust, and compact model would be the best choice for us. However, we could not decide how necessary is the adjustable leg rest or bigger wheels for all terrain conditions.

Our short-list of strollers consists of three models. First is Thule Spring, the second Easy Walker Jackey and the third is Leclerc’s Magic Fold.

I know the first and last two are in different classes. Jackey and Magic Fold fold in seconds, are very light weight, easier to carry, and have adjustable leg rest with a more fragile chassis. As you wrote in one of your articles they’re not designed for everyday use in longterm, they are prone to cause problems. (Easy Walker dealer says the workmanship would tackle any problems about durability:) )

Thule Spring has no leg rest I’m not sure if this is a huge concern for the growth of a child. Also Spring is heavier (approx. 2 kilograms) and bulkier (harder to lift and carry but not the end of the world:) ) than the Jackey and Magic Fold. Bigger wheels will be a big advantage in case of rough terrains however suspensions of the others are better.

We are very confused and stuck at this point:) We’d be grateful if you could give some advice and help us to choose one of these three. Thank you!

Eli • 23 May 2022

Heya, Emre!

I see your point and am grateful you read about strollers a bit to have at least a partial idea on the pors and cons and everything what we're going to talk about. And I see your need for something small, which I believe is why the EW and the leclerc are in the game ;-) I would, however, strongly recommend the Thule Spring here for sure, as for everyday use, truly, you will find your child very slanted and very rattled out if walking a lot in the city with a Jackey, for example. The leclerc being a very similar buggy in this way as well.

About the Spring, it has pretty much everything your child could need, except the adjustable leg rest. The adjustable leg rest is best for two things and a limited period of time only - the naps, when the baby is more comfortable when being in the lie-flat position (btw, the Jackey and the Magicfold being shorter in the seat area so the leg rest is better there but the space for sleeping is not), and the mid.period between about 9+ months and 1.5 years, as a smaller baby has short legs and doesn't neet the leg rest up, and a 1.5yo toddler has them, usually, downwards anyway as he or she can use the footrest already.

There are ways to help yourself with the leg rest, many moms just put a blanket under it or get a universal "plank" that attaches there for that period... OR get a stroller like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 (the less all-terrain City Mini2 would I think also work in your case) which is, btw, similar to the Spring but I find it a slightly better made, roomier model.

So, to conclude, the Spring would definitely be the more comfy choice for you and your baby, space-wise, sitting position-wise, and ride-wise. I would also think about the City Mini line as it is also very nice and in the second generation, it does offer an adjustable leg rest. I would get something like the Magicfold just for travels or around shops, not multiple hours of walking with the little one a bit hanging after the first two hours. I mean well, and I know many do it like that, just it is not the best option for the baby, that is all ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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