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A compact stroller for everyday use and up to 4 years old

Victoria • 26 Apr 2022

Hi, do you have any recommendations for a compact stroller that would be suitable for everyday use, ideally up to age 4, while still on a budget (around £200 or less).

Eli • 26 Apr 2022

Hi, Victoria,

It all depends on how compact it should be. I wouldn't actually advise a very very compact buggy for everyday use, to be honest - and the more compact it gets, the less roomy it will be for the child, meaning best for 1.5 years old +, but quite tight for a 3 years old. Most 4 years old don't fit much in strollers anymore, and if so, in those larger seat-ones.

My advice here would be to check the Uppababy Minu (if available, the
is also a nice option), the check the larger lightweight pushchairs like a Baby Jogger City Mini2, Thule Spring or a Valco Trend. I personally would pick these lightweight mid-size models, taking the child's comfort into consideration.

I know, they are not all under £200, but if they will be, the quality, space, and folded size will reflect that,. Try checking classifieds, too, if on a budget. It is really quite ecological and economical, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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