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A compact stroller for a tall 2-year-old

Z • 08 Apr 2023

I’m looking for a compact stroller for a tall 2 years old. It will only be for occasional use e.g. going on holiday to use in the airport and while we are on holiday. She is getting too tall for our pram (Nuna Mixx Next), her head hits the hood when it’s up. I know strollers might not the best option for a tall toddler but we need something to take on holiday.

Eli • 09 Apr 2023

Hey, Z,

Definitely look at the Joolz Aer which has a taller seatback than most, and also enough space to the top of the canopy. The Bugaboo Butterfly is also quite tall, backrest-wise. From a bit less expensive side, you can check the Recaro Lexa too.

You do need to count on the strollers being a bit smaller, narrower, an limited in some features you are used to from your primary pram.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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