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A compact stroller for a newborn

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Lisa • 28 Oct 2022

I have a 4 year old and just had a new baby. We currently have a Babyjogger City Mini but don’t love it because we find the seat isn’t very comfortable and I was thinking of getting a different stroller for the newborn. My older son is big enough that he usually can walk/bike so we just need a single stroller with a piggyback board. My neighborhood has very bumpy sidewalks (Brooklyn) so I am hesitant to get a compact stroller but I live on the second floor of a walk up and will have to carry the new baby, stuff, and stroller up to my apartment.

Do you have a suggestion for a one-hand fold, full-size stroller with a carrying strap that is on the small size? Something like an upgrade to the City Mini? Thank you!

Eli • 28 Oct 2022

Hi, Lisa,

I would most probably think about an Oyster Zero or a Valco Snap 4, as these are light, spacious enough, and offer a bassinet.

Apart from these, I am not sure I would actually change the Baby Jogger, and if so, perhaps for the more rugged City Mini GT2. Everything reversible will be much larger and/or nor awesome with a sibling board, and the smaller stuff too small and rattly for a newborn. If still needing something smaller still, perhaps the Ergobaby Metro+ could be worht mentioning, as it is nicely padded and with newborn options.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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