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A compact stroller around £250 - Ergobaby Metro+, Didofy Aster 2, Maci-Cosi Jaya?

Billy • 07 Jun 2022

Looking for a compact stroller in the £250 range. We have been looking at the Ergo Baby Metro+, Didofy Aster 2 and Maxi Cosi Jaya.

We have a 19-month daughter and need a stroller for holiday and light everyday use. Preferably would like one that lies flat with good sunshade for sunny weather on holiday.

Ergobaby seems heavy and the folding mechanism clunky.

Didofy not sure about the quilted seat.

Maxi Cosi is very much an unknown!?

Any suggestions?

Eli • 08 Jun 2022

Hi, Billy,

I will first recommend our top 2022's ultracompacts article HERE, just for inspiration and a bit of comparison of travel strollers.

From your choices, I would definitely go for the Ergobaby Metro Plus, as it is the most comfy out of the three - nicely padded, with a larger canopy (for the type), compact folding enough for most airlines, and, importantly, with a more upright seat than the two other models which are very slanted. Also, the seat and space to the canopy are better for a taller child, and the frame is sturdier overall, so it will last you longer.

Hope I helped ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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