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A compact reversible stroller that accepts the Cybex Cloud Z car seat

gf93 • 10 Sep 2022

Hi Eli,

You kindly answered my question regarding adaptors for the Maxi Cosi Zelia and pointed out that that pram isn’t any more compact than my current one.

Can you suggest any prams that are parent facing, can have the Cybex cloud z attached to it and ARE more compact/lighter than the Mamas&Papas Occaro? I’ve seen a couple, but they don’t look very comfortable/a smooth ride. We live semi-rurally and do daily dog walks so we need a pram that we can lift in and out of our car easily for trips into the city but that will also offer comfort to our baby boy on bumpier surfaces. Budget isn’t really an issue if we can find exactly what we’re looking for.

Gemma x

Eli • 10 Sep 2022

Hi, Gemma,

First I thought of the Cbex Mios which is CONSIDERABLY smaller, though, of course, also has much smaller wheels. That actually is not crazy bad on some terrain as they are nicely sprung, actually, and the frame is made very well in terms od durability, so if you could live with those smaller wheels, I believe it could be a good choice.

The Thule Shine also seems like an OK idea, though it is a bit larger than the Mios. Both will accept the Cloud Z with Maxi-Cosi/Cybex style adapters.

Overall couldn't on this equation - the smaller the stroller is going to be, the smaller wheels and less all terrain it will be. So always weigh which is more important for you, it will always be a compromise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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