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A compact/lightweight stroller for nursery runs

Mo • 16 Mar 2023


We have been using my favourite pushchair (Out 'n About) for 4 years, 2 kids and it's great. However, I need something compact/lightweight for nursery runs - my partner often drops them off in the cargo bike meaning I don't have a pushchair for collection - the Out'N about doesn't fit on the bike.

I'm looking at a lightweight MacLaren (preferably 5.5kg or under), something like the Mac, Globetrotter or Mark II. It'll only be used for 30 minute walks on pavement from nursery to home a few times per week.

Main issue is my son has just turned 3 (12.5kg), and I'm struggling to find a compact & lightweight pushchair that has legroom for someone his age.

Which of the lightweight MacLarens has more legroom between the seat & footrest? Or if they're all too short for a 3-4yo, are there other options out there?


Eli • 16 Mar 2023

Heya, Mo,

Actually, no, the Maclarens are a good, rather spacious option for such a light buggy. If the length after folding (which is considerable, Maclarens being umbrella-style-folding strollers) is not a problem for the cargo bike, then you can definitely go for one.

The Mark II is a good but VERY simple option, with a shallower seat and rattly-ish wheels, so if that's ok (for 30 minutes, I think it can be), it's ok. Nothing for naps really but for simple sitting of a 3yo, should work well enough. The backrest is high enough.

The [maclaren-bmw-buggy|BMW Buggy]] is also a light and good, spacious option. And so is the Globetrotter, though I would prefer the Mark II as a sleeker option personally.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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