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A compact, light full-featured pushchair, sturdy & good for a 9mo but also a possible newborn

Imz • 09 Aug 2023

Hi Eli!

I currently have two pushchairs and it is a bit of a nightmare trying to find space to put them somewhere!

I have the KinderKraft Indy2 and the KinderKraft Xmoov - I find the latter too heavy to push now with my 9m old and the former feels a bit too flimsy and not as robust if I’m driving it anywhere other than a smooth surface.

I am looking for a pushchair that is nice, compact and light but also robust enough to handle a bit of roughness and, if possible comes with a carrycot option too in case I have another baby (and ofc car seat compatible!). I really hope that's not too much to ask - With all the technology these days I wonder why they still dont make simple functional pushchairs without having to take a loan out for them or build a shed to store it all in!!


Eli • 10 Aug 2023

Hey, Imz,

Well, you do ask for a lot. Your two pushchairs are kind of the opposites - the XMOOV is a full-featured, all.terrain pram with a 2in1 seat-carrycot, while the Indy 2 is a travel, occasional-use stroller, which is why it is flimsy - it's not meant for everyday, all-round use at all.

What you're asking for is a small, light (= flimsier, looser, less elaborate, fewer functions) stroller but also something sturdier and full-featured (= heavier, bulkier). Two opposing things, pretty much.

Personally, I went for a Cybex Mios in such situation, it's full featured but small, nice suspension & sturdiness but small wheels, ok for grass but not for crazy terrain. That one is not the cheapest though, but you may consider getting it pre-owned.

Apart from that, check something only forward facing but with a carrycot option. I would count on a bit larger size and higher weight, compared to the Indy 2, for sure. Look at the Joie Litetrax, ]]babystyle-oytseer-zero-gravity|Oyster Zero (Gravity)]], Valco Snap, Baby Jogger City Mini - this type of a pushchair.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.