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A compact full-featured stroller from birth and a lightweight ultracompact with a bassinet option

Cordula • 14 Jun 2022

Hi Eli,

Thanks so much for this great page. I have the choice between a Seed Pli Mg, a Naturkind Lux Evo and a Cybex Mios with a Lite Cot, I could get all these strollers secondhand from friends. We live in a rather rural area and often need our car, so the stroller has to be easily foldable and should not take up all the space in the trunk. We often need public transport as well.

Which one of the ones mentioned above would you choose?

As we have a lot of stairs on the way to school and I would not want to go around the stairs all the time I was thinking about an additional lightweight stroller suitable from birth for quick school walks.

What would you recommend for this particular situation? I was thinking about buying a Joolz Aer with a carrycot, but the new Bugaboo looks better actually, but wouldn't be suitable from birth. or would a Maclaren Atom with a carrycot be better?

Which lightweight stroller with carrycot attached would be the lightest one?

Eli • 15 Jun 2022

Hiya, Cordula,

From what you are describing, my own choice would definitely be the Mios (for the reversible from newborn stroller), as that one is definitely the most compact while long-lasting in terms of quality and seat space. The other I would go for would be the Seed, but that is definitely much larger in the trunk because of the seat having to be stored separately and not folding in half - but better suiter for bumpy roads, if you needed that.

About the Mios, I actually think that even for the stairs, you could use it and not immediately buy another compact stroller - it is really light, around 8 kg, and easy to carry upstairs. From your compact choices, the Aer would definitely work well here, it is light and spacious so it will last you well, but again, I would first try to "live" with the Mios and deciding for the second stroller after a while, when you re certain you need it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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