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A compact enough, upright-position pushchair good for the city, all-terrain use, and naps - price doesn't matter

Nini689 • 03 Jun 2021

Hi Eli,

I have a question, we would like to use a stroller for all terrains and all day, but also compact and with good suspensions, so we good use it for naps. My son is also in love with the upright position as he is 11 months old, he is very tall for his age and ready to discover the world, so he loves the upright world-facing position. Therefore we are fine giving up the 2-side-seat. Finally, ideally not too heavy would be great. So basically we are looking for something single, versatile, and practical for the city and all terrains use (but no need to go trekking with the stroller) with a high level of comfort. The price doesn't matter.

Thank you so much !!!

Eli • 04 Jun 2021

Hi Nini689,

It is good to know that the lighter, forward-facing strollers are often those not as upright. If weight is one of the requirements, I can't 100% promise you a 90-degree sitting position, but I'll try to suggest those that are not completely slanted, ok? I mean, the all-terrain wheels and low weight/compact folding are already quite difficult to combine by themselves, so not too many expectations in every area you were talking about 😊

The first light-is, compact enough, quick-folding pushchair I always think of in similar cases and all-terrain need is always a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 or the smaller TFK Dot 2 (unsure if it's available where you live). Yeah, not the most upright, but right enough and space- and performance-wise, outstanding models. The Thule Spring is also a nice model in that size and steering quality category.

I quite like the Gesslein S4 Air if you can put your hands on one - it's very capable, and the suspension there is rather nice. I do believe you'd be quite happy with this one.

And lastly, I'll mention the Uppababy Minu - I mean, not an all-terrain buggy by far BUT with a very nice steering, good quality, and sturdiness, and yes, some dirt road or grass you'll manage even with this one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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