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A comfy pushchair for a tall toddler that can take more than 15 kg in the seat

Lucy • 26 Jul 2022

My 17 month old is 13kg but is tall, we adore our Graco Evo XT but he's too long already.

We are needing something that goes higher than 15 kg and also fits a taller baby, with a good recline and a comfy ride on bumpy paths and up and down hills, would ideally like a big basked and a compact fold but they're not essential.

we don't want to be spending travel system prices on a stroller now as we have only bought this one in spring, would like colour options, but as long as its not grey.

I'm short, and the dad is tall, so an adjustable handle height would be nice.

Eli • 26 Jul 2022

Heya, Lucy,

For that, you will definitely need a non-reversible seat and a good enough, quality brand. My go-to would be something in the likes of the Valco Trend SPORT with inflatable wheels - light enough but very very roomy; then maybe the Joie Mytrax, the Gesslein S4 Air is a super comfortable ride thanks to the suspension, or the highest-quality Baby Jogger City Mini GT2. The Oyster Zero is also a nice, light while spacious option with even colors available, though it is less all-terrain.

I know, I did not make you as happy with the color options, BUT these are actually the models that functionally and room-wise will serve you the best. You can look for colorways available OR you can make the stroller more colorful with colorful seat liners and other accessories - but I would not concentrate on the color and lose the better models because of that.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.