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A comfortable ultra-compact stroller for naps of a tall 2yo

Rose • 01 Feb 2023

What would a good ultracompact be for a 2 year old that’s 15 kgs and 100cm tall? I plan on using the stroller for (comfortable) naps and occasional trips to the shop/mall. We have a Zelia3 for baby brother, so ideally, the second stroller needs to take up as little space as possible.

Eli • 01 Feb 2023

Hey, Rose,

Comfortable naps + ultra-compact is nearly impossible with a large child. These strollers are incredibly small, meaning also narrow, simple... it will be a tight fit in ay case, and you can't expect too much from the smallest strollers in the world.

In any case, look at the tallest backrests for at least kind of comfort for your older one. The Joolz Aer, the Bugaboo Butterfly, the Recaro Lexa, or maybe the Ergobaby Metro+ could (kind of) work.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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