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A comfortable stroller for walking in the countryside/to the beach, with a great bassinet and a reversible seat

Hannie • 08 Jul 2023

Hi Eli!

We’re struggling to find the perfect stroller for us. We’ve tried too many and time is running out.

We have a budget of about 1200. We are an active couple, walking in the countryside/the beach everyday! We have dogs so the walks are normally about an hour or too so a comfy ride is key. We also venture into our local town a lot so easy to manoeuvre and a one hand turn would be ideal.

Would love a great bassinet for the start and then a parent facing/world facing seat. Preferably for the chassis to be all black!

Thank you

Eli • 09 Jul 2023

Hey, Hannie,

I think some kind of a blend of an urban stroller (one-hand maneuvering) and a bit of all-terrain capability would be the best here. You may want to look at the Bugaboo Fox because of the push, it is a very comfortable stroller and handles beautifully. The two-wheel mode would be the perfect thingfor the beach or for worse terrain patches.

Another model with a 2-wheel mode would be the Cybex Priam, a bit worse for lifting up curbs but still maneuverable and versatile. The mid-class Cybex Balios S or the Uppababy Cruz are also nice enough options. And I would also look at the Baby Jogger City Sights. Lastly, Inglesina Electa is perfect, bassinet-wise, however a bit less supsnesion on that one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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