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A comfortable stroller for daily use under 150 EUR. Which Kinderkraft Grande, if any?

Momofmylove • 29 Jun 2022


My baby girl is 1yo. She is 65cm tall and weighs 11 kgs. We already bought 2 kinds of strollers and now it's not comfortable.

I like the Kinderkraft Grande stroller. But it has a few more models in the Grande series. I am a little confused about what to buy.

We live in Netherlands. I am looking stroller for daily use, shopping, day out etc. for travel. I have another one, so no need to be light weight. My budget is around 150 euros.

Thanks in advance. Find me a suitable stroller and pls consider the Kinderkraft Grand also.

Eli • 29 Jun 2022


Within this budget, the KK Grande series is actually a nice choice. ABout which to pick, I would say not the newest Kinderkraft Grande Plus, as they downgraded the wheels to EVA wheels again, and there is less suspension in that one (and no rain cover). My personal pick would be the Kinderkraft Grande LX, if you can get your hands on one, because of the rubber-coated wheels and a tiny bit more suspension.

Apart from the Grande, I would actually rather look at used higher-quality strollers, as in that price category, you might get disappointed when looking for a comfort stroller. Try Baby Jogger, Joie, Valco, Greentom buggies, or the Oyster Zero pre-owned, if you have that chance. And if not, the Grande LX could work.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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