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A comfortable, large-wheeled 2in1 pram for really bad city sidewalks

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Alexis • 17 Nov 2022

Thank you for your help.

I am looking for a stroller 2 in-1 that has big tires and excellent amortization (suspension). The streets in my city are horrible. I can barely walk on them without tripping. Also, we want to take it out hiking. I am also looking for a big basket (not so important) and canopy.

My budget is ~ 700 USD. I am thinking between the Cybex Talos / Balios (I am in love) but Bebetto Bresso Premium seems even better. The only drawback for Bresso is that It won't fold with the seat unit, and the fabric looks kind of odd.

I am open to more ideas. And of course, it needs to be comfy.

Eli • 17 Nov 2022

Hi, Alexis,

I think you thought well about that, and from your options, I would actually go with the Talos. The front wheels' size is the most important if you have bumpy sidewalks full of holes, so that is why.

The Bresso is OK, however much less comfortable in the seat unit setup, and I definitely prefer the Talos' build to the one of the Bresso.

I would also mention the Kinderkraft Everyday as an option (full Kinderkraft Everyday stroller review here), the ABC Design Salsa Air is a large wheeled large-canopied choice with a huge basket, too.

And for hiking and really bad terrain, I would actually rather go for a non-reversible pushchair with a carrycot, as that is a much better to push option. E.g., the Baby Jogger City Elite or the Thule Urban Glide with a bassinet might work for you much better, even if not having the reversing the seat feature.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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