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A classic-look, 4-fied-wheels pram available to ship to Australia (similar to the Emmaljunga Duo)..?

Caro Gal • 12 May 2022


I live in Australia and our options for prams are rather limited so I am looking offshore. Please can you recommend some prams that are similar to the Emmaljunga Duo Combi style? Emmaljunga is no longer sold here and I cannot find any overseas vendors willing to ship to Australia so I am looking for other brands...

Ideally, the pram has a carrycot as well as a seat, four large (equal-sized) wheels, and the more traditional styling...

I really hope you/might have some ideas!

Thank you,

Eli • 12 May 2022

Hello, Caro,

I am thinking of a few models, but the availability will be up to you to ask around. First, the Inglesina Classica or Magnum/Sofia, then the Peg-Pérego Classico/Peg-Pérego Primonido Elite; after that, the babystyle Prestige 3 with the Classic frame.

I would also check Polish models on eBay – e.g., the Roan Emma is an option.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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