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A cheap pushchair for traveling by plane (with a footmuff)..?

Feesah • 25 Nov 2022


I currently have an M&P Occaro pushchair. I’m flying out and I’m not sure whether taking this with me is a good idea in case it gets damaged. What pushchair could you recommend that is cheap but comes with a footmuff which is suitable for airlines too?

Eli • 26 Nov 2022

Hi, Feesah,

No travel buggy comes with a footmuff that I know of, and even if they would, the size of the footmuff would actually make it bigger and not anymore a cabin-size OK model. Realistically you will need to get a universal footmuff with a smaller, cheaper pushchair extra.

Not sure about the age and needs of your child but check an Inglesina Quid, a Cybex Beezy, perhaps also the Recaro Easylife if you want a more affordable buggy just for some non-demanding use. The Kinderkraft Indy could work, too.

Also good to do is to check pre-owned strollers and get a buggy for cheap, used, as you don't need a cheap new one just for one roed, you can be ecological and economical and get a low cost second-hand one, and if they damage it on the way, it won't matter much.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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