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A cabin-sized stroller for a newborn that is car seat compatible

Barbara • 23 May 2023

Hi, I want to buy a stroller that is:

Cabin sized
One hand folding
Suitable for newborns
Car seat compatible

The only one I tested so far is the Joie Tourist and I feel I could find a better one.
Please, guide me.

Eli • 23 May 2023

Hey, Barbara,

Personally I like Ergobaby Metro+ for small babies - NO cabin-sized stroller is ideal for newborns as they are small, rattly, though this one is al least very nicely padded and even convertible to a sort of half-bassinet that protects the baby. The fold is not that smooth for everyone though, it takes a grp to get used to it - but I think it's worth the baby's comfort.

Another interesting choice is the Joolz Aer+ which has a nice ride and is compatible with not only a car seat but also a bassinet, whih make that one really nice for newborns (the seat itself I would use after a few months at the earliest).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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