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A cabin-friendly comfort stroller able to withstand a 6mo baby as well as it's growing up

Cecilia S. • 04 Jan 2022

Hi Eli, how are you? ;)

My child is 6 months now and we are using the Mothercare Journey stroller. We actually like it and I think it is worth the price but we are traveling a lot and as you can imagine, that pram it’s quite bulky.

I’m very used to traveling by myself with the little one, so nobody is there to help me at the airport: I’m definitely looking for an easy, lighter and comfortable pram for us!

I'm a little worried about comfort and rain cover. I have the idea that a massive stroller can better protect my baby. He is six months old and he still looks tiny to me, but he will grow up fast, and the stroller being able to handle it will be extremely important. I don't know if I was very clear in explaining what I'm looking for, but I hope you can help me.

My child is now 6 months for 9.5kg/73cm. Our budget is around 200£. I love the Babyzen Yoyo but it's too expensive for us.

Xiaomi stroller caught my attention but not sure about the material and if it is worth it. What I really would like it’s a stroller that can come with me in the plane as a hand luggage.

Thank you very much!

Eli • 04 Jan 2022

Hiya, Cecilia,

I see a problem here which is - you want a comfortable stroller that is comfy for your small son and will be able to grow with him comfortably - BUT you also want a super-small, plane-friendly travel and OCCASIONAL use ultracompact buggy that will fit the requirements of carry-on luggage. These are two things that are kind of opposing each other - even the Babyzen Yoyo is NOT suitable for a 6mo as it doesn't lie flat AND not very comfy for a toddler as it has a super short backrest that is VERY slanted, not upright, so the child sits so that it partially hangs in the seat. So yes, that is a quality and small-folding stroller but not a comfy one for regular use. These ultra-compact strollers - read more here are simply meant to be used just for holidays, around shops, and occasionally, so one should not expect them to be roomy or super comfortable, as they are made as small and simple as it gets.

If, anyhow, you really need such a small buggy, check the Chicco Goody Plus (full Chicco Goody/Goody Plus stroller review here) which is reasonably affordable while rather spacious for the type, and it works reasonably well. Also, check this article about top ultra-compacts of this year for more inspiration.

My own approach here ould be something comfier, a mid-size lightweight stroller that is compact enough for normal use but would be taken when boarded a plane. Something in the likes of a Oyster Zero or the ABC Design Avus - these will last you much longer, space- and quality-wise...

Just read and inspire yourself and trust your gut. I hope I helped with the inspiration ^_^

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.