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A cabin-approved stroller with a parent facing seat for a 7mo

Nana • 05 Jun 2023

Hi. I’ve been searching for months to find a cabin approved stroller with a parent facing seat for my 7 month old. The only one I’ve been able to find is the Bugaboo Ant, that has been discontinued. Would you be able to help me if such stroller exists?

Eli • 06 Jun 2023

Hey, Nana,

There are almost no reversible cabin-sized models. The Ant was discontinued because it was really impractical because of that parent-facins seat.

Your options here are the Cybex Eezy S-Twist² or the Recaro Lexa Elite, but you do need to check their measurements against the airline of your choice to be sure they'll really accept those on board. Many should.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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