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A bumper bar for a Red Kite stroller

Charmaine • 22 Dec 2021


I got a Red Kite stroller, but I need the bumper bar - what one would I need, please?

Eli • 23 Dec 2021

Heya, Charmaine,

You don't specify which Red Kite model you own, nor whether it had a belly bar before and you lost it, or it didn't have a bar and you want one. My general piece of advice here would, therefore, be, have a tailor or a handy mom/friend/grandma sew one. A semi-rigid inside sewn over with a fabric cover and two velcro attachments on the sides, and you have yourself one usable belly bar. There is, you know, no Red Kite bumper bar just being sold, no, so you won't easily find what you need.

Another way of resolving such a situation is this toy - ELC Early Learning Centre Lights and Sounds Buggy Driver. I used this on one stroller instead of a bumper bar.

I hope I helped!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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