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A budget stroller with a reversible seat that folds in one piece

MimiG • 01 Feb 2023


I'm looking for a parent and world facing stroller that is in my budget £200 max, and although size isn't a massive issue I would like it to fold relatively small, preferably all in 1 rather than unclipping the seat unit to fold. Something that is easy to use, push, up curbs, etc., as my baby is tube fed, I often have medical equipment to lug around with me. Basket size isn't an issue either. Would like various seat recline too. Can you advise, please?


Eli • 01 Feb 2023

Hi, Mimi,

That is quite a low budget for a reversible pushchair, and you will have to count on compromises, especially in quality. I will suggest the Kinderkraft Vesto which I saw for 180 on Amazon. The Haucl Vision X is also affordable, and has a parent-facing seat, too.

Also good to think about are second-hand models, you can get a better brand with a reversible seat for that price if pre-owned. The better models will also be considerably more comfortable to push.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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