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A budget-friendly ultra-compact stroller for normal terrain

Delya • 18 Mar 2023

Good morning!

I have an issue, I want to buy a ultra-compact stroller and I don't know what to pick. Can you make a top 5 of budget ultracompact stroller? It's going to be used on normal terrain.

Eli • 18 Mar 2023

Hey, Delya,

And what is the budget? Also, you need to count on the fact that an ultra-compact stroller is meant for occasional and travel use - and as such will not be super comfortable on "normal, everyday" terrain which is often bumpy (e.g. it will be a pain on cobblestones, cracks, and so on). A budget buggy will also get loose and wobbly/rattly rather quickly.

I made a list of the ultra-compacts I recommend this year HERE, not all are, of course, budget-friendly - however, you can get inspiration there AND get one pre-owned, too, to save money and not ending up with a cheap, rattly stroller. And then I will recommend looking at the Kinderkraft Nubi I guess, a cheaper but reasonably alright stroller if you really need something new in that category. I personally would rather go for a better brand and/or a little larger stroller type.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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