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A budget-friendly travel stroller

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eli & vii
Reem • 19 Nov 2022

I want to buy a travel stroller on a budget.

I find a stroller from “bumble & bird” and its around 100$ which is good! 😍 But I didn’t find reviews online about it, what do you think?


Eli • 20 Nov 2022

Hi Reem,

You need to take into account that if it costs just 100, they need to save on everything, from fabric quality to plastics and joints. Such a stroller will be very, very rattly, loose, literally just for occasional, non-demanding use. If that is ok with you, it makes sense if you like the stroller. I would probably not get a model I had never heard of and did not find any review for if I were to use it on a more regular basis.

If searching for a budget stroller, I can kind of recommend the Kinderkraft Indy, OR even better, check better, more known brand strollers secondhand - I can pretty much promise you the driving characteristics and overall quality will be much higher.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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