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A budget-friendly (pre-owned works too) pushchair for uneven Italian surfaces, a toddler and a very tall daddy

Claudia • 29 Dec 2021

Hi! My name is Claudia and I'm Italian! I'm so happy I found your page!!! So useful!!

Here is my question I hope you can help me with... I'm looking for a lightweight stroller for my 17 months old baby boy. He is already 15 kg and he is 90 cm tall. We will be using the stroller for at least another year, I think. We need one that can ride on uneven surfaces as well (old historical Italian roads...).

Our main concern is the height of the handlebar, as my husband is over 2m tall. We need it to be at least 110 cm high. We used (and broke) a Bugaboo Camaleon3 and it was the perfect height. O

ur budget isn't very generous, unfortunately, but we can try to find preloved options. Around 200€/£ maybe?

Thank you for your help!!!
Claudia and baby Ettore

Eli • 30 Dec 2021

Hello, Claudia,

I can see your struggle. Here, for truly harsh bumpy pavements (which historical roads most certainly are) and a larger toddler, you will most certainly need a non-reversible, good-quality pushchair with quite a lot of space and larger wheels if possible. My own suggestion would, truly, be to get a second-hand pushchair of a better brand that would be able to withstand the vibrations and shocks from such a road.

The first that comes to mind are three-wheelers like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 which even has an adjustable handlebar (or the Thule Urban Glide). A Valco Snap Trend WITH inflatable Sport wheels might work for you guys too, if you need something lighter while capable and roomy. A Britax B-Motion 3 Plus might work well even if not a tall buggy per see - but it can withstand a lot and there is an adjustable pushbar, too.

From the really small buggies that could do here, I'd mention the TFK Dot 2 which is very nice, quality- and price-wise, but doesn't have a handle that adjusts. To consider such buggies, too, perhaps check the handlebar extension that can be bought for really tall parents (like this one from amazon).

I hope I provided enough inspiration - do not forget to rather go for something more substantial even if not the most compact if the ride comfort and al-terrains capabilities are your priority!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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