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A budget compact stroller of up to 22 kg for shopping and a tall daddy

Lilly • 11 Jan 2022

Hello, please could you help. Looking for a secondary stroller.

Lightweight and folds small as I have a small boot.

Will be mainly used for shopping.

My baby is 10 months, on the higher percentile for height, the average for weight. Ideally would like one that lasts up to 22kg. Preferably with an adjustable handle or one that would be suitable for my tall husband!

Did like the Cosatto Woosh but heard bad things about the brake being in the way when walking.

My budget is relatively small, so the best value one, please.

Hope this isn't a hard find given all my needs, thank you!

Thank you

Eli • 12 Jan 2022

Hello, Lilly,

An affordable ultra-compact stroller with an adjustable handlebar is a very rare to impossible find, so I'll suggest those without that BUT reasonably ok for tall dads. Please, do take into account that a very compact stroller is SIMPLE and means compromising, so if the stroller budget and the compactness are already priorities, the handle will have to be left out here, I'm afraid.

I will suggest the Chicco Goody first, I think (read full Chicco Goody stroller review here to know more, as it is not expensive at all AND can carry a larger toddler (we tried). My taller hubby was also reasonably happy with the handle height.

From the budget-friendly buggies, check also Kinderkraft's Nubi, a cute compact stroller with the Reddot design award 2021 (it's, however, not up to 22 kg, but I believe, for a 3+ years' toddler, it should be just fine).

Apart from that, check the ABC Design Ping/Ping 2 which is a bit more expensive but, from my experience, sturdy and ok even for a taller toddler. The Ergobaby Metro is also not a bad choice, considering - again, a more expensive model so do look around in classifieds as well.

Lastly, check out top 2021's ultracompacts and top 2020's ultracompacts for more inspiration. I think you'll find something you like, even if a better brand stroller that you end up getting second-hand.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.