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A budger-friendly puschahri for a tall toddler and tall parents

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Romany • 06 Nov 2022


I am looking for a pushchair between a 100 and 250 pounds price limit, for a tall toddler - my daughter is in the 99th percentile for height and she’s 16 months, she’s not super heavy but I just need one for a tall toddler with a handle bar for me that is either tall or height adjustable, has pop proof tyres and possibly suspension and isn’t super bulky with huge wheels, a good sun canopy that will cover her face from the sun not just a little short and flimsy one and a good leg/foot rest for her, not too bothered about a completely lay flat recline, I think that’s all!

Thank you for reading 😇

Eli • 07 Nov 2022

Hi, Romany,

I was thinking the Kinderkraft Grande could work for you and is quite affordable, even if on the simpler side. I would also look at a Baby Jogger City Mini GT which is so so much better, quality-wise, but can get more expensive - I would think about getting a pre-owned one for sure, as it is worth getting such, too. Lastly, think about a Valco Trend, a very very spacious stroller with a huge canopy, just more on the urban side, wheels-wise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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