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A Babyzen Yoyo-similar buggy under £300, not happy with a Cosatto Woosh

Renee • 30 Nov 2021


I love the Yoyo stroller but not the price tag. What stroller is comparable in looks and lightweight (less than 7 kg), holds up to 22 kg, with an extendable sun canopy to protect from Florida sun (as we frequently visit grandparents), and folds relatively small for a small boot or airplane cabin? Budget under £300. We have a Cosatto Woosh 2 and I am just not a huge fan, it doesn't fold small enough and it is very rickety.

Thanks for any tips!

Eli • 01 Dec 2021

Hi, Renee,

I am sorry to say that even if of up to 22 kg, such a small buggy as the Babyzen Yoyo is simply not made for a 22 kg toddler and will be, just like the lower-priced ultra-compact alternatives, small for such a kid. The same goes for the rickety - yes, the more expensive Yoyo will be less rickety than a Woosh that is simply made too weak, in my opinion, but still won't be a super sturdy stroller as the priority of these is to be as small as possible, meaning weaker, less spacious, with fewer features as the price to pay.

That being said (you should know that, you know, that is why I am stating the obvious here), there are a few nice options out there. Check this article with top ultra-compacts of this year to get some inspiration, while really taking into account that the lower the price is, the more was saved on materials - meaning weaker plastics, thinner fabrics, etc. Also, here are 2020 top ultracompacts for inspiration as well.

My own top for this type is the Joolz Aer which is one of the most spacious ultracompact strollers, having a tall seatback, just is a bit above your budget (think of a pre-owned one, maybe..?). The Ergobaby Metro is also rather spacious but already a tiny ess sturdy than the Aer or the Yoyo. The Quinny LDN is really well-made, frame-wise, and there's enough space inside, but is not the cheapest and the design is not for everybody. The Elodie Mondo is also interesting design-wise and spaciousness-wise... but not cheap. Check also our Chicco Goody stroller review here just to see how a cheaper model can fare and look.

I hope I helped! I mean, you won't get the same with other brands, and if so - design-wise, it will be a cheaper fake/rip-off of sorts. Do not expect too much from these small models, I mean, they are... small. Simple. The Yoyo's hood (and most hoods of these strollers) is by far not full-coverage, so you WILL need a sunshade of sorts for the Florida sun. Do think of the compromises, accepting them as a trade-off for the size as well as budget limit, and I am sure you'll find something for you and your family.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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