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A 3in1 tall stroller with large wheels and as light as possible

Alexandra • 14 Apr 2022

Hello Eli.

I'm looking for a 3 in 1 tall stroller with big wheels and very good suspension. As light as possible as we are tall parents and the daddy has herniated back problems. What about Anex M type or Vizaro Pearl?

Thanks for your time.

Eli • 15 Apr 2022

Hi, Alexanda,

Well, you didn't pick any lightweight one here, I am sorry. Both being 13 kg+, they do boast large wheels, but both are heavier, bulky prams that are not really suitable for someone with back problems. I would, in this case, definitely rather compromise on size and wheels than on the weight when the priority should be usability for your partner who has actual health problems.

My suggestion for you is, therefore, to focus on lighter strollers that won't perhaps be as all-terrain. but won't damage anybody's health. Something like a Jané Muum, maybe even Joie Versatrax, ABC Design Salsa is at least 1 kg lighter...

If you absolutely need the inflatable wheels, also check the lightweight Valco Ultra Trend and buy extra air-filled Sport wheels for it.

If truly a large stroller, perhaps go and try them in a shop, mainly the folding and lifting them up, as that will be a real challenge which I cannot describe in just words on a webpage. Also, try and think about non 3in1 strollers but rather a three-wheeld pushcair with an extra carrycot and car seat which will be MUCH lighter - like a Thule Urban Glide 2, for example.

I am really trying to help, but with those huge prams, you will not really tick what you need with your stroller. I also suggest reading this article about priorities when choosing a stroller, just for a better understanding.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.