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A 3in1 stroller system for the city and car, with larger wheels and suspension

silversurfer • 29 Jun 2023

Hi Eli

We are looking to buy a stroller. Which ones would you suggest? We are looking for a 3 in 1 system, we live in a big city but we most likely use our car and not public transportation. We would like good suspension and big wheels but we could also like a simple and compact fold or low weight. I know it is difficult to combine all these so we saw multiple strollers and we loved the Crooz 2 from Quax and the Triv Next by Nuna for different reasons. We are also considering the Balios S Lux. My sister has the Inglesina Electa and is very happy but I think the suspensions are bad on this one.

Eli • 30 Jun 2023


I think you're best off with either the Cybex Balios, which is urban but reasonably nice, push as well as fold wise, or the Triv Next which is modern and much sturdier than its 1st generation. Personally I don't find any of these having too much suspension, but the Balios S is a bit better off from my experience, especially after being used a bit and loosening up those springs. I would not say, however, that it is an all-terrain beast at all - I mean, for that, you need much bigger wheels and a heavier stroller than any of these three.

The Quax feels, to me, a bit bulkier and not better quality than the rest.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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