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A 3in1 stroller for a winter baby and mom with back problems in Bosnia and Hercegovina

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Elma SH • 24 Oct 2022


Do you have any suggestions for stroller 3in1 for winter newborns - specifically I am looking for not heavy stroller, because I have my back operated 5 years ago and still have some issues. I really need something to carry when am I alone.

I am living in a building, it has elevator, and also love to drive, so I will probably go on so many walks with my future baby.

I am coming from a small country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, so please give me more than one option, because we, unfortunately, don't have so many brands.

Thank you very much for replaying.

Best regards,


Eli • 25 Oct 2022

Hi, Elma,

You don't mention one very important aspect, the budget. As picking a stroller that costs, e.g., 300 and 900 and 1500 is a completely different thing. Also important to note is that if you need a 3in1 stroller system, all-in, and for a winter newborn - meaning also for snowy weather, it will either not be light, or it won't be good on snow. There are not snow-capable prams that are super light, it just doesn't go together.

Not thinking about the snow then, as that is just a season and your back has problems - so the low weight it the no. 1 priority, I would suggest one of my lightweight favs, the Cybex Mios. Reversible, with an option of bassinet as well as car seat with adapters, and even compact, it would tick most boxes (except for the snow), however it is not the cheapest. A pre-ownes, second hand one should still be a good option as the frame of it is quite sturdy.

Another option I would mention is the forward-facing Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 pushchair which, yes, is simpler, but more all terrain, accepts a carrycot and car seat, and can even go over words surfaces and a bit of snow - and it is not heavy, compared to the usual larger prams. Again, not a cheap one - a more budget friendly option similar to this could be the Joie Litetrax 4.

Moving on to the sets, perhaps it would be easier to start with something simple, less roomy, a "starter pram" that you sawp for something lighter, only facing the street, around 1.5 years of age. It would be an affordable option but could work well with a good footmuff - the Kinderkraft Juli and similar 2in1 prams with a car seat option like Petite&Mars Grand II, Mothercare Journey... they are bulkier but would tick some boxes.

Also check the Kinderkraft Nea and the Valco Ultra Trend, especially the Valco is very light and works quite well for people needing something lightweight.

Don't get scared that the strollers don't come with the car seat included, the already pre-made 3in1 sets are actually only good with the bassinet part, and the seat is much worse - and so is the car seat. Rather pick the car seat separately, all strollers mentioned offer car seat adapters, and you can check if the car seat is safe enough.

Read more about the danger of pre-made 3in1 stroller systems here, and the need for a good car seat here.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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