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A 2in1 stroller for rough off-road, large basket, and folding together with the seat (and compact..?)

Ajda • 11 Feb 2023


Any suggestion on 2in1 stroller that is suitable for rough offroad terrain, has a big shopping basket bellow and will fold all together with seat unit? All three is a must. Has to be quite compact as well I will be using a buggy boards for other child. Thank you very much.

Eli • 11 Feb 2023

Hi, Ajda,

Ther eis no compact stroller that is suitable for rough off road terrain. It is like asking for Jeep capability from a Smart4Two car. The more sturdy and ready for rough terrain it will be, the larger and heavier it twill be, too.

About 2in1, do you mean a stroller with a carrycot that transforms into a seat? If so, check the Kinderkraft Xmoov - but it will not be compact. If not, I would go for a [[baby-jogger-city-mini-gt2|Baby Jogger City Mini GT2[[ which is not reversible, meaning it is quite compact and good for terrain, too. The basket is, I believe, large enough, but not huge.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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